The Sugarfoot Serenaders is a four piece band of buddies who like to keep toes tappin and the fingers snappin! Or not! No! They might also decide to keep the crowd moving to a ruckusy waltz! Or wait – they might even just decide to pull out an epicly home made orchestrated slow song that may leave your heart warm or your eyeballs weeping! Who knows!?! This whimsical group is what you get when you take old jazz, 3 part harmony, a couple of hot dogs, circus, some spaghetti, a sigh and smash em all together!! These folks are constantly switching around their instruments! Geeez! This multitalented group can switch between accordion, piano, banjo-uke, drums, saw, baritone horn, clarinet, banjo, washboard and more! They will also suprise a crowd by whipping out their tap shoes and doing a little dance, or performing acrobatics while singing and playing their instruments, or even doing a little juggling! Shoowee! The Sugarfoot Serenaders is a band good for ages 1-9,999! So bring your babies or your great great great grandma Lola!

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